Rise of Immortals

All you need to know about Rise of Immortals!

January 10th, 2014 Rise of Immortals doesn't do much to differentiate itself in the MOBA market but does offer something for fans of the genre to enjoy. One thing RoI does differently than most MOBAs is that each hero has their own perk branch and skill treat, which allows you to individually upgrade each unit. With that comes the fact that you only level up a hero that you play, whereas in League of Legends the leveling is persistant so leveling up helps every champion as you play. The matchmaking leaves a bad taste in your mouth as you oftentimes must wait for several minuts to find a match and teams sometimes become uneven becaus you must pick your hero before your team is composed. Hopefully as time passes the developers will continue to add in the features that players want and will add in additional heroes to spice it up a bit.

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