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Tactical Turn-Based MOBA: Arena of Heroes Enters Open Beta

Thursday June 20th, 2013

Today Sneaky Games announced that their tactical turn-based MOBA is heading for open beta. Arena of Heroes takes a different approach to the MOBA genre by slowing things down and taking things turn-based. with an obvious slower gameplay, the game has a much smaller combat zone and will focus much more on pure strategy, rather than brute strength to take out the enemy's base.

It is unclear whether or not fans of the typical MOBA genre will take a liking to a turn based style. Many MOBA fans prefer this genre because of the fast paced battles andt he intense, heart-pounding excitement we get from great 5v5 battles. It's interesting to see how Arena of Heroes plays out, but you can be sure to keep up with Free MOBA Games for all the latest news about the game.

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