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Ironclad Games aims to shake up MOBA genre with Sins of a Dark Age

Friday February 8th, 2013

Sins of a Dark Age is currently in a limited closed beta, but that doesn't mean that developer Ironclad Games isn't spilling the beans about their latest entrant into the highly contested MOBA market. What will make Sins stand out from the pack? Two key gameplay features, the "living world umbrella": the Realm Quest System, and their take on the day/night cycle.

Realm Quests are a key new feature that players will have to deal with. These can be activated during a match which is designed to provide additional risks which players and teams can pursue which will lead to them gaining a reward advantage or for use against the enemy team. The developer hopes that this will cause players to move away from static, predefined hero allocations and using different methods to take on the game.

The Developers also are expecting to change the day/night cycle that we can see in games like Dota 2. Few details are out about this but we can expect some more news to come out soon as Sins of a Dark Age gets more time under its beta belt.

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