Heroes of Newerth

All you need to know about Heroes of Newerth!

January 10th, 2014 Heroes of Newerth is a quite popular free to play MOBA that is heavily inspired by the original DotA. In the game you will choose from a large roster of heroes and battle it out as part of either the Legion or the Hellbourne. Heroes of Newerth's roots lie with S2 Games' Savage series, which is what the map is based off of. HoN is extremely competitive and has one of the most community oriented players around. The gameplay experience is quite polished and refined for not being backed by one of the big names in gaming. There are a great number of characters, each with their own play styles and skill sets. Like many MOBA's HoN rewards players based on their master of the characters. The best players have put in the hours and have learned to not only play each and every character, but how to use them in conjunction with their teammates.

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