All you need to know about Dawngate!

January 10th, 2014 Dawngate was recently revealed on accident by Electronic Arts. The game will be a unique play on a fantasy-themed MOBA game that is built from the ground up. Dawngate will be focused on an incredibly rich lore with a very detailed environment. The game will have a more natural, easy-to-learn progression along with a better interface and multiple objectives. An interesting addition to the genre will be their spirit wells, these will essentially be a capturable source of enemy that the teams can vie over as NPCs work the mines. This should add a unique RTS style to the game that hasn't been seen before. The game will offer a few more tweaks, because well, it's built from the ground up, and EA wants to do something "different". The game was just announced and is heading into a closed beta in late May. Can this game take some players from LoL and Dota 2? Or will it just supply some new ideas for the big dogs to bring into their game? Time will tell.

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