Avalon Heroes

All you need to know about Avalon Heroes!

January 10th, 2014 Avalon Heroes, or Avalon Online in Asia, is a fantasy MOBA that pits over 35 heroes in a battle against enemy teams in individual matches. Avalon Heroes places an immense amount of emphasis on teamwork and micr-management and takes only the saviest of gamers to master. Typical to most MOBA's you will be placed on a team with 4 of your allies as you look to break down the defenses of the enemy. One thing Avalon Heroes has had a difficult time with is the imbalances between heroes. But that can be said for many MOBA's, and it's why Dota 2 is in a perpetual beta state. Avalon Heroes has a great online ranking system that keeps track of how you match up to other players. There have various game modes to keep the game fresh and a unique single player mode that is not often found in a MOBA. As with many Asian games there is a bit of a mismatch with some of the translations, but that won't really hold you back as the name of the game is taking out the opponent.

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