All you need to know about AirMech!

January 10th, 2014 AirMech is a free to play mech-focused MOBA that is inspired by an old RTS game called Herzog Zwei. Herzog Zwei was sort of a cult favorite in Europe and AirMech tries to bring back that nostalgia along to a new genre, the MOBA. In AirMech you will lead an airborne mech that can transform into a walking murder machine at any moment. Your mech is outfitted with guns, rockets, lasers and shields and patrols a uniquely colorful battlefield looking for opponents and their bases. The action is very fast paced and oftentimes frantic as you roam around the map looking for bases to both defend and attack. You may end up battling a group of enemies all by yourself, or with your partner/team if you're smart. AirMechs have different special abilities that can be upgraded and changed as you level up in a match. Nw AirMechs, pilots, units and items can be purchased between matches in the store, which offers a great variety of challenge to the game.

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